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The Changing Face of Legal Marketing: Strategies for Success

December 14th, 2023

The landscape of legal marketing is constantly evolving, and successful strategies must adapt to these changes. Let’s explore some key insights and strategies for success in the changing face of legal marketing.

1. Navigating the Ever-Changing Compensation Equation for Law Firm Leadership

An off-the-record, peer-driven workshop explores the changing face of partner compensation in law firms .
2. Strategic Practice Group Planning

Deborah Farone, a strategic marketing and management advisor, emphasizes the importance of strategic practice group planning in the new age of legal marketing .
3. Priorities for Legal Executives

Legal executives often prioritize tasks that span multiple areas, including developing internal stakeholder relationships, managing legal talent, aligning legal priorities and resources with corporate strategy, managing risk and regulatory approach, and optimizing the legal operating model and structure .
4. Embracing the Changing Face of PR

Law Firm Business Development emphasizes the importance of embracing the changing face of public relations in law firm marketing .